lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

Books for the new year!

Hi dears~
Happy new year to everybody ^^

This entry is for make a list about the books and comics i'd like to read/buy this year.
I will post them in the order i want to read them all.

The Hedge Knight - George R.R.Martin (Comic)

As you can see, i've read the "song of ice and fire" saga, but here in spain, "A dance whit dragons" hasn't been release yet, so while i'm waiting for it, i'll read the comics.

Left Hand of God - Paul Hoffman (Book)

I read about this book one time when i saw it at the library, and i wanted to read it, so i think i'll finally can read it this year.

The name of the wind - Patrick Rothfuss (Book)

A lot of people talked me about this book, so i think i'll read it, and of course, if i like it i'll buy the second part as with the other books i write before.

EXILE Diary of a zombie invasion - J.L.Bourne (Book)

This book is the second of the saga. I read the first some time ago, and the second has finally come out, so i can't wait to read it.

Well, that's all for this time, i hope i'll have all those book readed for march, so by then maybe i update a new list.

Bye darlings~

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